ATVs and Breastfeeding!

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Gisele and daughter on ATV

Okay so let’s talk about this.  I personally see nothing wrong with the photo.  The mother, Gisele Bündchen, obviously cant be going too fast there’s no “wind in her hair”… LOL!  I think she is pretty badass and if anything, says you can get out there and still enjoy life as a mommy.

There’s cowboys and cowgirls who ride on horses with their children. Horses!! Horses that have their own minds.  She is very much in control of this vehicle and I’m certain was simply taking a stroll with her baby, as indicated by her tweets and her baby still being alive and in good health.   I mean I would do it.  But then again I hang upside down on poles and lift my baby in the air simultaneously.  *kanyeshrug

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