Happy Birthday Shannon Marie Wright!

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Today is not just any day. It is not just a Saturday. This is no late night/early morning drunk post or an I’m awake bored can’t sleep post. This is a celebratory post. In recognizing the birth of my beautiful amazingly awesome blessed daughter Shannon Marie Wright! This day I will share moments of her; her smile, her beauty, her laughter, her love. A stroll of sorts down memory lane ||


37 weeks and Loving It. Happy Birthday Shannon!

Mommy is so proud of you Shannon; you make me proud of myself. Your heart is so open and your spirit so kind. It is a privilege and an honor to be in your life and even more of that to be your mother. I couldn’t have been blessed with a better Assignment from God. I will forever do my best to protect you and never grow weary of sacrificing to give you the best; which is what you deserve. May the world celebrate you today as I celebrate you everyday. May your heart be filled and your joy spread worldwide as you receive all that you have brought to this earth.



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