I Love My Body – Jessica Myers

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Here is the beautiful and courageous mother Jessica Myers, as she shares with us her journey of motherhood and her darling children Brooklyn and Kenneth!  She did it all HER WAY!



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My name is Jessica and I am a 20 year old mother of two beautiful children. My son and daughter are my everything! With my son I was very uneducated and made a few decisions I regret, so when my husband and I found out we were expecting again I educated myself on a lot of things related to attachment parenting. Thanks to my research and wonderful women like yourself I have been successfully breastfeeding my daughter for nearly 16 months and counting! I plan to allow her to self-wean.

I came to love my post-pregnancy body by realizing that it is what grew and gave my son and my daughter life. I realized the beauty in what my body had been sacrificed for and now see the “mom-pouch” and stretch marks as something to celebrate! I held a life inside of me, I grew two tiny humans inside of me, where is the shame in that? No where! It is absolutely beautiful and something that deserves to be celebrated. My body is proof that I carried two of Gods miracles.


Breast is Best with Brooklyn


Mother and Son Playface



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