Shannon and Harpoole – Si Se Puede

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This is me and my Harpoole.


Harpoole Breastfeeding

He was born early via emergency c-section at 32wks gestation. He weighed 4lbs 4oz.This picture is our first time nursing after exclusively pumping for 2 weeks we were finally able to try to nurse and he latched on great! After a month in the nicu and a bout with Mastitis he was able to come home! Within a month of coming home he was exclusively breastfed until a week before his 1st birthday when he self-weaned. He is now 18 months old and 26lbs! No matter how big or small babies are born to breastfeed!

I hope that by sharing my story it will help encourage another milky momma!
















****Nothing is more exciting than receiving stories such as Harpoole’s and Shannon’s.  What a light she is for him and him for her.  And now by sharing her story a light to others.  I am honored to be a platform for all mothers who choose to inspire, motivate, share, connect and support other families.  This is Shannon and Harpoole and they did it their way! 🙂  #mswrightsway

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