You Ask Me What I Do & Who I Do It For – Permission Granted!

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I wanted to respond to your question of how you made a difference in my life.

Unlike some of the other moms… I had breastfeeding on lock, I can’t say I’m am anywhere as got as you but I’m working on it-ummm… kinda.  lol

I want to share my story…I just didn’t want to post it publicly.

I was suffering from deep depression, anger and confusion. I though that by having a child by an abusive man I had made a huge mistake and ruined my life, and ruined hers by even having her.

I had an amazing natural birth… I but everything was still so wrong. My god my baby looked just like him!

The abuse was so bad I considered giving her up for adoption to save her from him. She deserved better and I couldn’t protect her.

I finally moved out one day when he was gone. Packed it all up and hid at a family members house he didn’t know. That’s when I started seeing pics you and Shannon everywhere. In a pool, in a group of breastfeeding moms… every breastfeeding support page was giving you a shout out. 

But It wasn’t until I saw your post (you and Shannon went to see the butler) that realized my child was not a mistake!

She was meant to be here, meant to be mine, and meant to be someone important and amazing. My tears ran down my face, I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t the only one who had guilt of wondering if having her child with an abusive man was a “mistake”. The shame lifted, I wasn’t wrong for having her, and I felt so grateful for your honesty. 

You gave me more then courage, more then inspiration. You gave me permission to love my child completely unchained, unburdened …without guilt and shame. You united us as mothers and women. And with that strength you have passed to me I have passed it to other women, lifting them up in my own way. With info and pointing them to local resources (WIC). 

From me and I my daughter I want to say THANK YOU.



I absolutely had to share this, Anonymously of course, with the permission of the beautiful mother who sent it to me.  I was crying like a baby when I first read this.  I was so touched and moved that I was able to encourage this mother to get to the loving.  I remember being there and I am so happy we made it out and made it better! Your daughter deserves you and you deserve her.  Thank you mama for encouraging me to cont to empower more!

To see the story she references click link >>

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