What is White Privilege and Racism?

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So Ms. Wright, What exactly is racism and white privilege?

Well my dearest friends and natural parent allies, ill do my best to briefly touch the surface.

White privilege is the advantage/the peculiar benefit that you will be chosen, granted the opportunity and/or receive fair treatment before/over/rather than a person of color simply because of the color of your skin.

White privilege does NOT mean you are born rich and just because you are white you wont have to work for anything and that just because you are white everyone in the world is going to give you everything and that just because you are white the overall journey of life is easy and that just because you are white tomorrow someone will put millions of dollars into every white baby’s pockets.

White privilege does not mean you ALL are exempt from prejudice, discrimination, and hard times. NO ONE is exempt from these things. Sometimes it can even escalate so far that people are discriminated against in their place of work and they need to turn to legal representation like DhillonLaw.com or a firm like it, so they can defend themselves against this.

An example I once gave of white privilege was that NOT all will be born rich and driving Bentleys and Rolls Royces all your life. White privilege is that more often times than NOT a white person will be granted the opportunity to rise above the ranks, economic status and have the opportunity to apply for that Bentley and get it before any other person of color, with the same financial, education and economic status can. Doesn’t sound fair right? Like how does that work?

Whenever given the choice to choose white, black, brown, yellow, red, purple, teal from a white person (black usually being at the end of the list of choices), which most large corporations are owned by because of racism, that white person will more than likely be chosen; that’s not even going into detail of that fact that Blacks have a whole set of detractors simply for being black. This is largely due to the societal culture and systemic racism that “White is better.” Because think about it who OWNS most things…Where does the majority of the power (economic, political, financial, educational) reside? Not with black people, that’s for sure.

And Of course there are the countless statistics and articles that show the unfairness in white vs non white in prosecuting criminals, job opportunities, ivy league college acceptances, commercials, visual standards of beauty, accessibility to products and business of color, along with the harassment of non white shoppers, etc. (all examples of discrimination, white privilege, prejudice)

Now when it comes to racism, You must first understand that racism is a system in which America was built upon. Racism that was implemented by white folks.


Black folks didn’t create racism and Every time you all share your beliefs and ideas on what you think racism is as opposed to what it actually is, along with the comparison of blacks vs other color’s struggles, us blacks cringe on the inside and take a hand and smack it on our foreheads.

Yes racism has hate associated with it. However it is not only hate. Not everyone who hates/dislikes someone of color has the power to exercise racism.

They can say and do some racist mean shit however not racist. I cannot be a racist.

I don’t have the means, the economic nor political power to castrate/impoverish any person of any color.

It’s an oxymoron for any person of color to be called a racist. To be a contributor, a person who upholds the system of racism of which is intended and created to destroy a PoC… That doesn’t make sense.

The white racist people are like how can this black person be racist and uphold a system that is meant to keep him/her down hopefully eradicating them… Get it?

I do not throw the word racist around lightly. With that being said part of the solution to RACISM is being kind to each other and that is by RECOGNIZING, not discrediting the overall struggle, which is directed majorly towards keeping DOWN people of color. If a white woman said she was discriminated against, hated on, targeted by a person of color I would believe her! It happens! Largely on the scale in comparison to Blacks and other People of color? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I am aware that many white people will not understand our struggles, and that is so fortunate, as we don’t want anyone to feel the way that we feel when it comes to comparison of skin color. However, what we would like to see is that you accept what is true and that is you will not live our struggle of being black, or Hispanic even, etc., yet you can be a part of the healing and change and that is by acknowledging the racist system by which we all operate in, schools, businesses, banks and deciding you want to help change it, the perception that paint us as ugly and not good and therefore not worth anything, keeping most opportunities of gain away from us. If you do not feel that way about us, why not join us in overall progression?


I also want everyone to be very clear that I stand in solidarity with you all as I have in natural parenting, and living free. I will most certainly stand against the general unfairness of all colors against all people as we are all one race; THE HUMAN RACE. So please do not be surprised that I too will courageously speak out against the injustices against my own personal struggles of being a black person. They too are my family.
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