Go Ahead… Brag About It!

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Monday, February 3, 2014 was my first ever Book Club meeting/gathering/meet-up whatever you want to call it and I must say I had an amazing spirit-filled time. To fellowship with like mind ladies about personal growth, while delving into a book that involves following your soul’s desires, was AWESOME!

Initially as most new groups start, we had a quick icebreaker of some introductions and sharing: What’s your name, what we do, what we plan to take from the book and then we get to BRAG! Yes you read me correctly BRAG! We get to BRAG about whatever our heart’s desires; one thing, two things, twelve things until we feel complete.

Our self-named time goddess, Jill Farmar, whose role is to support our timeliness by creating a structure for our meetings and keeping our sessions on track, gave a spiel about how bragging is usually perceived in a negative way and used in a negative connotation/context. (Here’s where I start paraphrasing and using my own words cause I cant remember her exact words; only what I took from them)

It is perceived that when one is bragging that individual is thirsty for attention and is not humble nor does he/she practice humility. Here we want to encourage your brag and acknowledge that you are worthy of praise and pats on the back. So whether you want to brag about how you got an A on your finals this past semester or that you took two deep breaths in the car as to not curse this person out on the road who cut you off, we want to share the joy and love with you in that brag as to encourage self love, growth and good feelings and habits!

It was my turn. I introduced myself to the ladies and bragged about how I have put myself out on social media to build a village of wonderful mothers for my child and theirs. How I encourage natural gentle parenting, woman power, femininity, and exploration of one’s sexuality using toys somewhat similar to a clit sensitizer! I bragged about my journey to greatness despite my circumstances as a single mother! And I bragged about how I have such awesome freaking mothers and fathers that I have the privilege to interact with and love near and afar everyday! At the end of each brag we snapped our fingers for each other and even clapped and cheered.

SooOoO This leads me to the focus of this post. I want to applaud you and cheer you on and snap my fingers FOR YOU! I want you to take up as much comment space as you feel necessary; until you feel complete! I want you to brag about how awesome you are or how you are an amazing multi-tasker! HELL brag about how you didn’t hit your child’s head at the edge of the door this time when putting them in the car seat or how you pumped more than 1-2oz of breastmilk today! Brag about how you were finally able to give you some YOU time!


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