Our first cruise with Carnival

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Being transparent and vulnerable on my social apps, grants me the opportunity to connect to villagers in real time who truly see me.

That is most certainly the case when the girls and I were invited to celebrate my now great friend’s son’s birthday.  This was the first time the girls were going to be on a cruise ship. Shannon has been on a small boat before island hopping in St. Maarten, yet this was a different experience.  For sure one she will remember.

We went on the Carnival Cruise – 4 Day Baja Mexico trip, sailing the seas on Carnival Inspiration.  We started in Long Beach, headed to Catalina, Ensenada, a day at sea and then back home to Long Beach.

I went ahead and booked a room with a window, because nothing seemed okay about not having a window and natural light. I cant do space with no windows! NO MAM!  I did one King size bed, so we didnt have to worry about Shannon feeling left out because we still co-sleep.  YES thats what I said, we still co-sleep.  Shannon does sleep in her room when she desires but for the most part, she is welcome to come lie in the bed with me when she needs extra cuddles and comfort.

The thing that I thought about the most when it came to getting on the cruise was the food. Oh I couldn’t wait to have all the options of “FREE” ready to eat, available food. I have to say as a healthy eater, they did not live up to what I needed.  The best thing on the boat were the burgers… But who can eat burgers and fries 5-10 times a day?!  OMG I needed Kale so bad.  The fruit was ugh, and nothing seemed that fresh… Dinner was good, but I always ended up paying money off the premium menu to actually eat something I liked and tasted good.  As a foodie, they fell short for me.

Moving on though, the activities were endless.  Shannon loved the Kids Club when I did take her there.  They did want to watch Satori too, but that was a Hell no for me. I’m breastfeeding and psycho about my kids.  When she wasn’t hanging out of the boat with me, nor in kids club playing with other kids, she made older friends who loved on her so hard and did all the water slides with her.  Shannon made a wonderful friend and they hung out everyday in the water.  It was beautiful to watch.

In Catalina Island, I rented an umbrella and a chair to sit on some sand and watch the girls play.  Satori hung out in the sand next to me, attached herself to some Asians next to me and they played with her, Shannon splashed in the ocean with strangers and Dani, well she did activities with her son, met back up with me and then accidentally drowned her phone in ocean water. HA!

I didn’t get off the boat in Mexico, because you had to take a bus/shuttle to actually see some places and being that my cheap ass booked NO activities, Shannon, Satori and I hung out by the pools and ate and danced on the main deck.  We didn’t catch any comedy shows, I pretty much used the time on the ship to just do nothing.  Eat and do nothing AND watch Dani be loved on and love my children. I am so grateful for her.   Welp, with that being said here are some pics… oh yeah and a few bullet points of things I noticed and experienced…

  • The food wasn’t that good. However there were fancy meals going to a secret room, perhaps you had to purchase like a VIP package.
  • It was a lot of Filipinos working as a staff.  Oh and Russians.  Why that matters, I dont know, just some shit I noticed.
  • Shannon only got on one slide the whole time over and over and over again. It dropped like 2 feet. 😐 She is so damn scary. lol
  • Satori just nursed and slept and cried at dinners.
  • Dani and I scouted this chair and table area and snatched it from this one person because the husband got up and they were so mad. And they waited hours to get it back.
  • Happy Birthday Tyriq. Your mother loves you so much. Thank you for sharing her with me and mines.
  • ummm anything else Ill update later.

Love yall!


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