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I had been curious about this diaper for some time.  With the stars aligned, I finally had the opportunity to let Shannon really soil these bad boys, and let me tell you! I’m never purchasing another toxic diaper again!

Coming out of cloth diapering was a very daunting choice for me, and this just cleared my “guilt” like you cant imagine.  Having really wanting to know more of this diaper, I was able to not only search the website but actually have a chance to meet with the owner.

The company, like myself, takes pride in it’s transparency and commitment to quality, safe materials.  The best part about that though, is that their diaper is thee most absorbent diaper I’ve ever used!  Shannon soaking that thing as a 3 year old and it containing it all without bringing on a rash was AMAZING.

Here’s a few facts outside of it being soft and merely stating its eco:

  • We are the only diaper certified 100% free of dangerous chemicals and all known allergens.
    • This means that no chemicals are used during raw material sourcing and production. It guarantees that we are not polluting water or air when we convert trees to wood pulp or similar activities.
    • This also means that there are no chemicals on the diaper itself; which if existed, could irritate or damage a baby’s skin or potentially cause long-term allergies.
    • Additionally, we have decided that we will not manufacturer the diaper with any additives. This means that we can guarantee that the product has no allergens; e.g., dyes, inks, latex, glue, odor eliminators, perfumes, essential oils, preservatives, plant extracts, lotion, moisturizer, etc.
    • The risk of irritation to the skin from an external source is ZERO.
    • We can certify that our product has no substances known as harmful to health or the environment, known allergens, substances classified as locally irritating, sensitizing, carcinogenic, or mutagenic (during the production of raw material or used during the production of the finished product).
    • The key word is “certified”. Our consumers don’t have to take “our word for it” but can rely on “the word” of external auditors, investigators, and scientists from our various private and public eco-label organizations.


And to back up their claims that you will love this durable diaper as much as I do, they are willing to raffle off a set of 1 pack of diapers and wipes for 10 villagers!

Without further ado Enter below! If you can’t wait to win you can purchase (US shipping only) with CODE: MSWRIGHTSWAY for 25% OFF! Yes yall 25% OFF!
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You can learn more about this diaper here.



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