Dare To Have Hair

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You guys ask me all the time about my curls!

Well let me introduce you to a very big part of why my curls are poppin!!

Many people are consumed with the curl cream conditioners, and often forget about the before step, the preparation! You have to make sure that your hair is in perfect condition, as you may find it hard to style your hair how you want if it’s damaged. That’s why it may be in your best interest to have a look at places like Rank & Style beforehand, so you can use products that could be guaranteed on the next stage. Through trying many different products, curl cream after curl cream, leave in conditioner after another… Oil, shine etc. it took quite some time before I realized that Shampoo & Conditioner and/or Co-wash plays a major role in the end product, so if you’re looking for fantastic looking hair, make sure you have a look around and perhaps invest in some salon hair products to keep your hair in the best condition!

So after that awareness, I began shifting through shampoo and conditioner products and paying attention to the curl it produced; keeping my curl cream (after washing) process the same. About 6 plus months ago I was sent a set that kind of took me off guard a bit. This is one of the ways in which companies tend to increase their net promoter score – by sending samples to potential clients! This got me intrigued and when I looked at the company, I saw that they sold hair bundles and wigs. After reading her note introducing their natural hair care line, and how it is also important to the company to care for the hair as they DARE. It is important to remember that hair care is essential as improper care can cause things like breakage and in some cases hair loss, which may lead to people looking into neograft hair transplant clinics to help them feel happier about their hair again. It is important that hair is taken care of, real or fake.

“Our Dare extensions are beautiful, versatile and long lasting, and we strive to have your natural in the same state while you Dare!”

I decided to give it a shot! Well, you guys have been raving about the results. So I finally teamed up with them to do a giveaway and share about how well this product works. jpeg-image-2c5f2f5fb30c-2

That Shampoo/Conditioner combo leaves my hair so soft and smooth, without interrupting the curl pattern!


I use the masques overnight after I’ve let me curls get all beat up for about a few weeks to replenish them; especially after I’ve ditched the satin cap for quite some time. I’m telling you, I love it.

jpeg-image-2c5f2f5fb30c-4I just recently added the curl cream to the after wash mix and it added more definition to the curls. I made sure to really see if it made a difference. It did!

So without further ado… Introducing *drum roll – Dare To Have Hair

Enter the raffle below (3 products each win 3 winners)!

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