Breastfeeding and Babywearing During Powerful Speech On Stage at WIC Conference

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I can’t even begin to explain the honor I felt when I first received the invitation to speak.


My WIC Badge 🙂 Feeling pretty important!

Of course I was super excited. So excited that I immediately called to accept and then shortly after received a cell phone ticket. I didn’t even care. I was speaking at the WIC conference! So I made sure I packed enough toys and bought a breastfeeding friendly dress to present in; in the event Shannon felt like feeding. It all worked out!


When asked to speak about WIC, I wanted to make sure I spoke from my heart. I wanted to express my gratitude and the necessity for support. I wanted all to be informed that HELP is what keeps the human race alive. HELP is what’s needed to survive. HELP is what supported me on my journey; on my path. HELP is what allows me to give back to my community and build the family of like minds.

Ashley and Shannon, WIC 4.0

Before we rocked the stage


In being on that stage, I was fulfilling my innate desire to feel kindness and love from one another.

It felt good, and positive energy traveled swiftly through the audience and building. There was so much love that I pushed and received. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my light and my Shannon with the world. May you sit still for a moment and focus on the message that I share. I pray you be moved to reach out and touch someone’s hand and make this world a better place if you can!


And about not caring over the cell phone ticket, I’m sure that will change once I receive my fine O_o.




Also enjoy some photos I took at the conference.  It is was an amazing informative experience and I Highly  recommend that all register for the next one.  We must become informed about how to get back to a healthy nation by nourishing our families with the best!

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