Don’t Tell Me About Sacrifice!!

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These days I’ve noticed very few understand the challenges of choosing to nurse/breastfeed my child past infancy.


Our Savasana

They tell me I need to make sacrifices as a woman and a mother; the set up of their demands – throwing MY BABY in childcare and to get a J.O.B.   What they fail to understand is I make sacrifices everyday. I sacrifice the convenience of leaving my child whenever I feel like going out to party or make steady income, because I am my child’s center and peace! I sacrifice acceptance from the mass majority AND family members who feel what I do is unnecessary, unhealthy and lets not forget sexual abuse.  I sacrifice my own mental comfort by choosing to live outside of my cultural norm and lifestyle because my body and spirit combined say, “THIS IS THE wRIGHT THING TO DO!”…

 [quote] I sacrifice my body, as I let it be dictated by the one who it gave life to! [/quote]  


Camel Milk?? lol

So do not vex me with your own discomforts, insecurities and selfish projections, for I am a strong woman who will follow My God and Spirit first. I do not take motherhood lightly and never will I put you down for all the beauty that you are as a human being!  We deserve to be celebrated.  We are each other’s keepers.  I not only do this for Shannon but I do this for us all!  We are DESERVING!  WE ARE WORTHY! – Ashley Wright

Be the example

*sidenote (for any individual who is offended) – AND before you get your panties in a bunch by my use of the word “throw”, I am in no way implying that a mother negligently tosses her child in daycare.  I am saying that certain friends, society, even family in MY life, disregard MY wants and needs for MY child (emphasis on MY); and want me to needlessly put my child in the care of someone else to get a “real” job, as opposed to what I am doing now.  There is much content in this post so please do not take it out of context.  I do not bash mothers, fathers, families, I support them! We are all doing the best we can with the circumstances we are in, yet I speak up for us all, especially mothers who feel they would rather be a SAHM and for SAHM who feel underappreciated by others who feel they make no sacrifices and what they do isn’t “work”.  pshhhh 


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