Stay Away From the Tea aka Thee Car Shit

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Okay so….

I had like 3847393 green teas last night. Them being a natural diuretic had me going and the caffeine had me up till 5AM and Shannon up til 1:30AM.

Little did my poor heart know that I would be driving back from the spa and have to pull over to a metered parking spot because my child is crying Hysterically (My child never cries like this). I pull her out the car seat and proceed to bring her in the front seat to feed her. Before I can even open the driver side door I noticed there was baby shit, not poop, but SHIT EVERYWHERE!! Up her back to her neck, in the car seat, coming out her onesie sleeves…I pull her away from me and it’s all over my dress.

I’m now currently still parked on the street writing this status as she BF; after having had to bathe her with baby wipes in my passenger seat. O_o.

Note to self: Stay away from the tea!

Welcome to my life #motherhood #mswrightsway

I decided to not post a picture to save any of you that may be eating right now…

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