Community of Support

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If ever I feel backed into a corner, I say a prayer and God sends a word down from heaven. So the other night He sent it through a wonderful friend of mine named Liberty Jane. We spoke on many different topics. One that really touched my spirit was allowing myself to have a Community of Support. Telling myself it is okay to accept help and allow friends and family to be there for you when you need it. I am not inconveniencing anyone and I do not have to do it all alone. After that wonderful conversation I wrote out some beautiful affirmations. May they make your heart smile. Now say them out loud, repeat 3x and create a list of your Support Squad!

As mothers, we truly do need that support; that village.

  • I allow myself to create and have a community of support!
  • It is okay to accept help!
  • I am open to receive true love and support from my friends, family and strangers!

    Photo by: © Revolutionary Longboards

    Photo by: © Revolutionary Longboards

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