11 Facts About My Pregnancy

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So I was tagged to tell some facts about my pregnancy. I decided to keep it positive and focus on the silver lining of my preggo journey.

So here are 11 facts about my pregnancy:



1⃣ I gained NINE (9) pounds TOTAL.

2⃣ On the way to Vacation Bible School, 3 mos. pregnant, my mother named Shannon. She just started saying out loud Dr. Shannon Marie, Evangelist Shannon Marie, Attorney Shannon Marie. I figured it was prophetic and we went with it.

3⃣ My mother took 2 weeks off work way before the due date because she knew in her heart that the baby was coming early… LMAO! She was too excited.

4⃣ I ate frutas con chile y limon todos los dias. I craved it! I had to have it.

5⃣ I was raw vegan for the first 6/7 mos. of my pregnancy. Shannon LOATHED meat and wouldn’t allow me to eat any.

6⃣ I forced-fed us sardines once…It wasn’t pretty

7⃣. I would go to non-prenatal yoga classes to compete. I was 40 weeks pregnant doing a backbend in class to showoff. Smh lol

8⃣ I spoke to Shannon 2 times. But those two times, she heard me and confirmed she was with me and that I shouldn’t worry about a thing.

9⃣ First time, the doctor told me I was going to miscarry. Shannon seemed so worried. Perhaps she might have thought that we need the assistance of surrogate mothers, or IVF, or something along those lines, if that were to happen. I sat at home and told her, “If we are going to do this and that bleeding shit isn’t normal. Cut it out. I’m not going to go through with this and you jump ship way through.” I stopped bleeding immediately.

10. Shannon went past her due date and I tried everything to get her to come because I didn’t want to be induced. My girl Nicole thePole Williams asked me a life-changing question. Sometimes her crazy self can be quite wise and amazing. She asked me, “Have you tried talking to her?” So at 2AM that night/next morning, I sat up, held my belly and had a conversation with Shannon. I described the room and how everyone was waiting for her. We spoke for over an hour. I apologized to her and lastly let her know I was ready for her. Sincerely was ready. I had to have gone into labor immediately. By the time I realized my tossing and turning was contractions, which was 6 AM, I went to the hospital and I was 4.5 cm dilated. That was the 2nd time I spoke with her

1⃣1⃣ I delivered Shannon all natural, vaginal birth, no tearing and no hemorrhoids. I trusted her.

Here’s an extra one for kicks.

12. I did a pole performance at 6 mos pregnant.

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