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Excitement doesn’t even begin to describe my emotions as I jumped and danced around at the airport, in the car, all the way to his door. I was in New York dammit; A change of scenery, New people and tons of adventure for Shannon and I. A vacation of sorts.


Yoga Mom in NY

The comedy that was present as I over-layered in thermal shirts, sweaters, scarves, hats and jackets. And Shannon? She was in a onesie snowsuit. LOL Sweat dripped from our foreheads. (Don’t worry. We figured out it wasn’t needed and came prepared with lighter material).

We visited Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and Time Square to name a few. I rode the train and the bus and I loved it! The designer boots I had on? Broke those in, for sure. We Babywore through the city, Breastfed in the train stations, experienced folk get tackled and arrested in Macys all while Admiring the sights, sounds and delicious tastes of Jamaican food! Oxtail was my choice selection.

Yet the highlight of my trip wasn’t the state. It wasn’t the abundance of energy flowing from every bright light and corner. It wasn’t the sounds of foreign accents and languages flowing from every mouth. And it definitely wasn’t all of the trash in the streets. It was the company of a special hombre and mujer. How fascinated I had become with her. How amazed I was with the options and agenda he had prepared for us. I figured he would just let us rest our head there. To see they took the responsibility of caring and showing us the city left me in complete astonishment and adoration.

She was my Jamaican twin. A patois, breastfeeding, babywearing machine. Her spirit immediately connected with mine and I instantly loved her and her seed as family. She was my sister and the prince she wore is to be praised and respected as the king he will be.

We understood each other. We laughed and shared. She became part of my village. The joy in that was enough to cover me until we meet again.

And he? Oh he… When he strapped that Baby Carrier to his chest in Central Park I damn near took my panties off in 40 degree weather just to throw them at him. I figured in his mind he was just being helpful. To me it meant so much more. Throughout the weekend he was so patient. So kind. So understanding. So attentive and so helpful. He became my partner and I appreciated him for his generous hospitality.


New York BF

There were moments I would imagine and yearn for more. Moments when we would sit on the couch and smile at Shannon playing on the floor. Moments when he would tend to her needs by the sign of a whimpering cry. Moments when he would put her jacket and hat on before we walked out the door. Moments when he Would lift her in the air and fall in love with her laughter. Moments…when he would smile at us; At me.

The simplicity of his male presence alone fulfilled me in ways I had not known were existing needs. I, a celibate single mother, who felt no desire for consistent male company, who carries all bags and does things by myself, stood still and held back tears as he would assist and lend a hand. Because deep down inside I wanted the help and it felt good to receive that from a man; A working, solid, chocolate bearded man. It was done without asking, simply because he felt it was the right thing to do.

Gently he peeled away my fears of men, of love. Patiently he dazzled me with good company and supportively he commended my parenting style.

And Although my nights were spent sleeping in my own bed with Shannon, I felt comfort and safety knowing he was there. That he cared and was consistent with extending himself to make sure we had the best NY trip ever.

They stole my heart. And I left it there in New York.


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