Ms. Wrights Way on The Doctors – Mom Defends Pole Dancing with Toddler

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That’s right village! You can watch me talk about that video that everyone loves and hates online on The Doctors @ 11am and 3pm PST.

It has already aired in some places but once I have more clips I will be sure to post those the first chance I get.

Many of us have been taught to try to control and shame others because we lack control of and shame self. And in controlling and shaming others we stifle not only the growth of the other being but also ourselves; caged.

The liberation in no longer living by what others want and operating solely from true inner desires is where the beauty lies.

It is in this space when you are free!

Shannon sees me, a woman, a mama, who is free!

TRUE FREEDOM! The freedom to be who you truly are!

Enjoy and let both me and The Doctors know how you feel!

Here is a little bit of a preview!  Please share on Facebook, IG and Twitter!

and of course the video that broke the Internet! hahaha


It is no surprise that many are put-off, and even more confused, by this shared display of divine femininity,sensual acceptance, power and open, unapologetic love for self and for my

Unfortunately, many did not receive nor have bared witness to this form of love and therefore only see what is they can connect with; shame.

Shame of the human body. Shame of our innate sensuality. Discomfort with the deep connection that Shannon and I have; for they did not have. And fear of the inability to dictate to a child’s environment and upbringing with their misdirected perception of control coupled with perversion and destruction; limited by that
which is their enslaved mind.

I do not expect everyone to understand me nor my “parenting style” for progression is few for most. However, I will continue to share for those who seek the light that dwells within us.  – Ashley Wright (Ms. Wrights Way)

If you do not find comfort, peace, freedom, courage nor love here, then my videos, this message and this movement is not for you. And that is okay.

I AM A Badass Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Attachment parenting, Pole dancing, Yogi Momma! And I inspire and empower women My WAY! Ms. Wrights Way