Gratitude for Self

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When we speak of an attitude of gratitude and begin to write affirmations for things and people we are grateful/thankful for, I tend to often see so many forget or never to express gratitude for self.

Over the past week, I’ve encountered quite a few troubling stories and cries, many of parents and individuals feeling like they just aren’t enough.

And as I went scrolling through my photos, in attempts to delete all of this data hoarding I’m doing, I ran across this photo and became flushed with so much gratitude. Not because I think this picture is nice, but because of all the amazing wonders of me that’s happening in this photo; wonders that many of you possess too.

Nursing mothers can look at this and be grateful for the ability to breastfeed. Let me state I am grateful for my nipples that stream the flowing breastmilk into my child’s mouth. Grateful for the nipple that my child can latch onto to communicate with my breast in a way nature intended.

I am grateful for side lying nursing. Oh how this well constructed body position has continued to encourage longer sleeping periods with a nursing child.

I am grateful for my elbow, arm and wrists that support my head whenever I desire to shift my gaze to relish at my child’s beauty.

I am grateful for my other breast, nipple, eyes, nose, mouth and hair. All fair game for my child to entertain herself with while stimulating milk flow when she nurses; all while my senses tingle to let me know I’m there with her. To be present with her.

Grateful for the muscles that support my smile, to let her know I am there with her.

I am grateful for my curves, extra skin and whatever belly fat is there for the moment, as it plays a role in comfortably allowing us to mold into one another; cushioning her knees that firmly press into me… Thankful for my other arm that scoops her closer to me, that pushes her deeper into us.

I am grateful for my knees, that are the perfect resting spots for her feet, as they allow me great access to her toes; those which I love to touch and smell and kiss.

You see, to be in complete gratitude of anything else, one most certainly be grateful for who and all that they are.

And as I lie here with her right now I am oh so grateful for these fingers that swiftly yet eloquently sashayed across my touchscreen keypad to share with you, that which I am also grateful for, to incite gratitude for yourself, first and foremost.

For every part of you is worthy of your gratitude. For every part of you makes up the awesome you.

And if you believe that everything you need, you have right now at this moment, I pray you be grateful for it all. Including your eyes and ability to read and comprehend all that was just written.

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