You Deserve A Gentleman!

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I love when folks make feel good music!

And I am not so sure you’ve noticed, but I have been heavily indulging in Afro Beat.  This song by Ric Hassani and DJ Tunez  has me feeling so good as it lifts my spirit and speaks to what I am deserving of.  What we all are deserving of; a mate who is amazing and makes you feel amazing!

So please enjoy us as we enjoy music.

Because getting my Day 1 curls popping looks like this… I love that she loves to sing and dance through life with me!


P.S.  I so have a crush on the DJ<3
P.S.S. So everyone go tell him, he should just love me LOL! 😛

DJ Tunez

Ric Hassani
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Listen to Song Here (more from DJ Tunez on his soundcloud):


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