Babywearing, Breastfeeding and Pole Dancing! SAY WHAT?!

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imageIf someone would’ve told me in college that I would be sliding down poles and then ultimately pole dance while babywearing, I would’ve ran the other way because I would’ve thought that person was bat-ish crazy.

Nonetheless, here I am! Pole dancing, baby wearing and breastfeeding.  Who would’ve thought?!

I started my pole journey in 2008.  I returned home from college and met up with friends to catch up and share stories.  One of those stories happened to be about a girl who we all knew from High School, that was now some super paid stripper.  So me being super nosey, I logged onto Myspace, which was hot at the time, to find this girl.  I found her and not only was she a stripper, she was a super cool one that did pole tricks!  I scrolled some more on her page and saw that she owned a dance studio and in this studio they taught pole tricks.  I said to myself, “OMG you can learn how to do this?!”  With that being said, I signed up for a class and have been hooked ever since.
Of course, I was met with much disgust disguised as concern, from many family members and strangers.   Every single one of them implied I was now a stripper with no morals, which didn’t make any sense to me because I wasn’t taking off my clothes nor working in a strip club.  Nonetheless, I loved it and I chose to not care what others had to say.

A year into my practice, I was asked to teach at one of the most popular studios in LA,  Allure Dance Studio owned by Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams.  I flourished there and we all learned from each other, especially YouTube.   Pole Dance and Fitness was now being featured on Oprah, Ellen, Ricky Lake and multiple reality shows; not to forget to mention competitions were being televised as well as pole competitors.  The message was spreading about the beautiful art.


Red Swan was birthed in 2011 and then soon after I birthed Baby Swan, Miss Shannon Marie.



So now I fly high with her…image


My message to mamas Is

[quote] Life doesn’t stop because you’ve become a parent. It gets BETTER!!

Mothers you are still allowed to love you and do the healthy things that make u happy. Because if you are not happy you compromise the quality of care for your loved ones; ie your children.

Pole just so happens to be one of mine. And Shannon has become my doubles partner! She even takes #breastfeeding breaks while flying high! [/quote]



I will teach her to be #fearless; as she teaches me now. 

And if she so chooses to fear something, I pray it be the fear of NOT loving herself most and others more! 

image image image

Also check out my pole dance while 6 mos pregnant:




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