Mother Escorted Out of Concert Because of Breastfeeding – Police Claim Child Endangerment

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Okay 2:30AM, I had to stop drafting emails for World Breastfeeding Week 2014 – Ms. Wrights Way because I caught wind of a story that involved a mother named Megan Christopherson, Chula Vista Police Department , and threats of pressing charges for child endangerment for a “made-up on the spot law” that it is illegal to bring a child to a concert; in this case a Brad Paisley concert at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in San Diego, CA.

So I reached out to Mrs. Christopherson and according to her, at around 8pm, she was  approached by a female security guard, on suspicion that she was drinking (which mother states she was not and its clear in video mother is alert and cognizant) demanding that she stop nursing her child because she was making other guests uncomfortable; which was no no #1, as CA law protects a mother’s right to breastfeed in public with or without a cover. She was told by the officer “do it somewhere else or don’t do it.”  Megan, who was simply trying to nurse her child (in a beautiful Tula carrier, might I add), was then surrounded by security that proceeded to photograph her and her child, like she was a circus attraction, to report to their supervisor.  Approximately an hour later, she was confronted by the Chula Vista Police Department who escorted her out of the amphitheatre with threats of filing a claim with Child Protective Services.

Mrs. Christopherson and her two beautiful daughters

Mrs. Christopherson and her two beautiful daughters

A video was posted showing the interaction between her and CVPD.

***Having attended multiple concerts, with my child, in CA, I know for dang sure that is not true! So lets put our critical thinking caps on and state a few facts from the video.



– Nowhere in the state of CA is bringing a child to a concert Illegal! The nerve of this man! And then to state he called the district attorney’s office to scare mother to abide by his hogwash, infuriates me. Not to forget to mention the threat of CPS… Grrrr  AND I WONT EVEN GET STARTED ON THE FEMALE OFFICER! ugh


– I am sure some of you mamas feel that the mother could have at least had earmuffs on the baby.  Remember, we all have different comfort levels.  Some folks think a movie theater is too loud for a child. I do not. Nonetheless, this mother is not screaming, nor was the officer and we heard both of them, along with other crowd members, just fine on her CAMERA PHONE MICROPHONE; before she even left the pit. I put emphasis on the camera phone microphone because it’s not like she had top of the line audio equipment to reduce bass and treble.  Let’s also keep in mind this is a Brad P concert. Not a Death Metal or Rap concert 😐

AND THE BABY WAS (wait for it)  SLEEP!!!!!


Children Rules

Children under two years of age are free on lap. Two years and older need a ticket.

– According to the Sleep Train Amphitheatre children under two are FREE!! Wait a minute, would that mean that they are encouraged and welcome?! I think so! And nowhere does it state that hearing protection is mandatory, that children are only allowed in a certain area, nor do they have to be sitting or standing.  Go ahead and check… I’ll wait. >> About Sleep Train Amphitheatre


– I am starting to become annoyed with the lengths that people will go, that WOMEN will go to, shame a breastfeeding mother. I mean are you kidding me?  It’s DARK, at a concert, and you are staring at this baby who is in a carrier breastfeeding?! I know mama is beautiful but SERIOUSLY?! You are one sad little puppy, who clearly wasn’t enjoying the show

Although the video doesn’t show the initial approach regarding her breastfeeding, the officers were acting on policies and laws that are nonexistent! So what made them confront mama…? You think about it!

This is why it is imperative for ALL individuals who support breastfeeding to help normalize it. #Normalizebreastfeeding #normalizesociety #freethenipple whatever you want to call it. So that when a mother nurses a child all just simply say, “oh its a titty” and continue about their business.

Nonetheless, good for this mama for standing her ground and asking questions!


I know for dang sure had it been me, I would’ve said, “Call CPS. Ill wait!”



BET Experience - Outkast, Rick Ross

BET Experience – Outkast, Rick Ross

According to The Badass Breastfeeder, the San Diego Nursing In Public Task Force has been contacted to address the situation.


Chula Vista police issued the following statement Friday morning regarding the incident:

Last night at the Brad Paisley concert, amphitheater security notified Live Nation Management that there was a female in the “pit” area with an infant baby strapped to her chest. The female was near the stage wall area and mere feet away from the speakers. Security asked the female patron to move from the “pit” area due to the danger to the infant child (crushing from potential crowd surge and excessive noise level from the adjacent speaker). The female refused to leave the area.


CVPD officers were summoned to the area to check the welfare of the infant. She was advised of the danger posed to her infant child (crowd surg e and excessive noise) if she remained in the pit area. She was presented with two options; she could be relocated to a seated area (free of charge) or receive a full refund. The female elected a full refund and left the venue.


The Chula Vista Police Department’s involvement in the incident was due to the welfare and safety of the infant and not due to a mother’s legal right to breastfeed in public.

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