Skin-to-Skin Keeps The Fever Away

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Shannon isn’t always smiles and laughter.


Not too long ago she caught a “bug” that was really kicking her butt.  For the first time ever, I saw my baby experience symptoms of grogginess, irritation, and restlessness from this infection in her body.

She just wasn’t feeling well. Yet with still having to cater to her, things must get done.


So what did I do?  Took off my clothes and wrapped her up, chest-to-chest, skin-to-skin, to help reduce her fever by regulating her body temperature with mine and soothe her so that she can sleep in order for her body to heal.


What many do not know is that the mother, is the only person that can regulate her child’s body temperature by doing skin to skin; anyone else will overheat the child.  If it’s a low grade fever (103 and less), put that baby on you and watch the miracle of your body sync with your child’s to heal.

This is why I share! This is what that experience looked like for us. <3

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1 Comment