I’ll Take Any Childhood “Disease” Over This…

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I would like to take you back to one of the worst experiences Of my life…

The worst part about this awful experience, was my son who suffered a severe adverse reaction and there was nothing I could do. Something he could not even explain to me.


At just a 16 month old little babe, He could not explain what was going on with his body that would make him have a high pitched scream endlessly for almost 10 days. He couldn’t express why he didn’t want to eat, play, or use any of the sign language he had been avidly using. He wouldn’t even speak and the bit of speech he had developed this far, regressed. He could not express in any form what was going on inside his tiny little brain and body and it left me and my husband not knowing what to do, NOT knowing what was going on or how we could help!

He was always looking out into space or shaking and “jerking” at any given moment, even while sleeping; which he was getting very little of. It couldn’t have been the vaccines he got within 24 hours prior, it couldn’t have been.

The doctor never even mentioned anything other then a fever could happen. It couldn’t have been what he advised me was the healthiest decision I could make for my child so we would avoid him being incubated If he contracted a childhood “disease”, because he was so young that his God given immune system wouldn’t be strong enough to fight off what we were vaccinating against.

Well he was wrong.

It turned out he was having a severe adverse reaction after receiving DTAP (diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough aka pertussis) and HIB (Haemophilus influenza). Up until then, I listened to my doctor not always feeling entirely comfortable, he demanded, insisted and feared us into believing this was what was going to keep my child healthy; we were not allowed to ask any questions.

Little did I realize these vaccines were poisoning his poor and helpless body.


You see, Since he was under the age of two, he hadn’t yet developed the blood brain barrier; the vital piece of your brain that protects it from absorbing harsh chemicals and toxins and helps block it from entering your brain. So he was left with nothing to protect that beautiful brain of his from an adverse reaction.

Moving forward, I just thank God everyday for the wonderful group of woman that were there for me. One friend in particular helped support, guide and encourage me through the detox process and to not feel alone in my decision to no longer vaccinate our son or our soon to be daughter (Ella Mae currently 15 mos).
Once we started the detox process we started seeing some changes. Things started to lighten up and we continue to detox him to this day and I strongly contribute his progress to my husband and I being adamant about his detox process. Once he gets a bit older, we may decide to try him with an ionic foot detox instead, as these have been known to be effective and suitable for children. Of course, you will hear about an “ionic foot bath scam” here and there, but it is up to us, as his parents, to do the relevant research into this method to ensure we are doing what is in his best interests. My friend uses one and said that she has found it to be beneficial and to try and ignore these types of scams. For now though, the detox process seems to be working, and we have noticed many positive differences in him.

We also started paying very close attention to what he eats and help support all his body systems to the best of our ability. Fast forward to a year later, he has good and bad days.

But I wouldn’t change a thing, he’s my son and I love him so much. Anybody who becomes a parent knows that you cannot express your love for your child into words. Sure, we can all complain about the price of raising a child. For some, this can be a difficult thing, and even having to raise funds through GoFundMe, (https://www.gofundme.com/c/blog/child-care-assistance) or looking for other means of child care assistance is the only option they have to support the growth of their children. But even with money issues, having a child is a blessing, even on the bad days.

Over the last year he has dealt with digestive/gastrointestinal issues, hyperactivity, restlessness and disturbed sleep, erratic behavior, anxiety, social anxiety, amongst a plethora of other issues . Its really not fair at all. I hope these kind of conditions don’t last for years to come as he really doesn’t deserve this one bit. I’ve heard that mental illnesses like anxiety and other certain behaviors can take a while to gain control of, but as he grows older and is able to start using therapists and self-help rituals, along with the products that can be found on https://www.budexpressnow.net/, he is bound to learn to cope a little better. I am particularly interested in how cannabis could help him when he is of the legal age, of course. I have been doing lots of research into the benefits and the risks and as of late, I’ve been looking at the specifics like the best rolling papers to use. I know it might sound like I am getting carried away as this will be years yet, but it’s nice to have something positive to focus on. We will just have to see if any of these conditions deteriorate before he gets into adulthood!

This adverse reaction was confirmed by the pediatrician who administered the vaccine, who is in no way financially or even morally responsible and never reported it to the VAERS system either.

This doctor failed my child.

My precious boy has gone back and forth, he gets better, then worse and then better.


Finally we decided we should test for heavy metals… We knew his aluminum levels would be off but we never imagined a 2.5 year old little boy was over 95% the normal level of aluminum. My child is at aluminum toxicity levels and still NO ONE is held responsible for this damage. NO ONE. My son takes avid care, day in and day out and there is never a break for us. Between the daily supplements and the behavioral issues he has day in and day out support.

Ill take any childhood “disease” over this but I’ll never give up on my child, I’ll do whatever I can to reverse the effects because I know it’s absolutely possible.

image9– Becky Higginbotham (son: Landon)

Below is Becky FB post showing her son’s lab results. Check them out. This most certainly can happen to you as it happens often to So many mothers. Get informed.

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