Can I Help You?

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This may appear as simply Shannon reaching for the grocery bags…

Yet I must share with you that it is so much more.

As we got out of the car in our parking garage, she immediately asked to be carried. Without even looking at her, I said quickly with a direct tone, “No Shannon I can’t. I have to carry the groceries.” And proceeded to head to the passenger side.

With two bags in one hand, two more in the other, and command in my voice, “Let’s go Shannon! Come on.”

A few steps into the journey, before we even hit our first door she said,

“Mommy can I help you?”

Not paying her any mind as I was focused on just hurrying into the house, she screamed it louder… “MOMMY! CAN I HELP YOU?!”

I stopped, looked behind me and we locked eyes. She said it once more with a soft, serving voice, “help you?” And put out her hands to grab the bags… Then she grabbed them and waited for me to continue walking.

We walked through the first door and then we hit the other. She never let go.

At the second door, a much heavier one, I had to set down a few bags to completely open. She became adamant on carrying them further alone.

Watching her a smile came upon my face. I asked her, “You okay? You got it?” She said, “Yes.”

Struggling, heaving, grunting and dragging, yet refusing to give up as to do it on her own, I asked her again.

“Shannon you got it?” She looks up at me and says. “YES!”

I paused. Tears began to form of joy and of pure reflection.

Then I said with a very soft, loving face,”You sure you don’t want any help?” She takes a breath and said, “mommy help me…” While still never letting go of the bags.

As I grabbed the bags, her hands and support never wavering, we walked together to our front door. Tears began to fall down my face.

She let go and cheered and clapped. Screaming “yay! We did it!”

For the first time ever, the groceries never felt so weightless. And as I opened up our door, I began to Thank the Most High and the Universe for always answering my prayers. For showing me that I’ve always had a partner to support me and I most certainly am not forgotten. For mirroring my stubbornness and reminding me yet again, to Keep Space.

Shout out to all the Those carrying groceries in the house. May you never feel like you’re always doing it alone.


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